How to Register a Username (not a blog) in

1. Go to

2. Click signup for just a username.


3. Fill the details and click Sign up.



A More Organized Communication for Clients (Optional)

I have tested a new theme called ‘P2’ and decided to use it on
all of the private blogs that I have with all the clients. This
theme got the speed, clarity and ease of use.

Threaded replies will make conversations easier.
Click image to enlarge.

The most attractive feature is the real-time communication ability. We do not have
to wait for few minutes or seconds to see the latest post. No need to refresh the page
too. Our homepage is the place to talk. No additional clicks necessary. If you are
one of my clients, please take time to watch the short video below.

Social Media Power

Humans are social. They are not loner by default. No matter how a person claims to be.
We are born defenseless and do not even know how to defend ourselves by the attack
of a little ant. All we can do is capture the attention others and seek for help.

And then we grow up having the basic survival skills like running, kicking and punching,
to fight someone that might be harming us. Now we can crush bugs, throw stones and
shout to frighten the offenders. But we need to grow more. We want more power,
information, and experience to feel secure. When a bigger threat comes in,
we are sure we will survive.

That’s what is harnessed by Social Media. The built-in desire to connect for
someone to survive and thrive. The Industrial Media had been giving information
to people but failed on one essential thing, to listen more. People are tired of
being fed of information but  not being taken as valuable enough to show what
they are thinking of.